Monday, February 2, 2009

Gameday: Flames vs. Avalanche

1 Down 4 more to go and this game against the Avs starts a mini 2 game road trip and the Pepsi Center is the site tonight there probably isn't a more hated arena to watch a game over TV then the Pepsi Center, The Flames look to avenge a 6-2 Thrashing at the hands of the Avs a little more then a 2 weeks ago but that's when C-Mac was in he was shaky that night none the less I expect a full out assault by the Flames tonight and can close within 3 points of the defending Cup Champs barring that they beat the Blues tonight.

Flames Player to Watch:
Dion Phaneuf
He's been playing his best hockey all year right now and he's been shooting the Puck alot more and when he shoots it's usually going near the net and in the goal.

Avalanche Player to Watch:
Ryan Smyth
Probably the most hated person in Flames land and for good reason he was pest with the Oil and he's a pest with the Avs that and he's the hottest Av of late 11 Points in the last 10 games, it would be sweet if Mr. Phaneuf met him in the corner tonight

Prediction: Flames 4 Avalanche 2
Flames: Iginla, Cams, Phanoooffff, Moss
Avalanche: Who cares they'll get it from a Fan in the nosebleeds

Sportsnet, 7:30pm, GO FLAMES GO!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Gameday: Flames vs. Predators

Sweet time to be a Flames fan huh....... (Waits for Bandwagoners to jump on) nahhhh they won't care until at least April, the Flames enter tonights game with a chance to extend there lead atop the northwest to 13 points but the Predators have always given the Flames trouble this year if you can't remember those were some reminders, entering tonights game there may not be another player hotter then Mike Cammalleri 13 points in the last 7 games i'm just dreading July 1st more and more now, Jarome Iginla will probably still end up with 90+ but won't have the Goal scoring lead and i'm sure he's okay with that as long as the Flames are winning.

Expect Kipper to start and as for the Predators Pekka Rinne he's played pretty good on a sub par Preds team.

Players to Watch
Flames: Jarome Iginla
I expect Iggy to come out firing tonight he will not stop shooting the puck and sometimes it will go his way into the net
Predators: Jason Arnott
The Preds best player has played like it against the Flames and I wouldn't expect anything less of him tonight

Flames 5 Predators 2
Flames Goals
Iginla (3)
Preds Goals

Tonights game is back at a normal start time 7pm on Sportsnet.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gameday: Flames vs. Sabres

The Northwest division leading Flames return home after an eternity It felt like as they host the Streaking Buffalo Sabres, The Sabres are coming off a shellacking of the Oilers 10-2 less than 24 hours ago........ key word is less than 24 hours ago coming into this game the Flames are 7-3 in there last 10 same for the Sabres.
This game scares me a bit the Home teams after a long break historically have trouble but this is the second game in as many nights for Buffalo.

Players to watch
Calgary: Daymond Langkow
He's been on a cold streak lately but I'm sure he can get back into his groove he was at before they lost 2 straight.

Buffalo: Drew Stafford
Had a hat-trick last night and probably wants to get on a little hot streak going.

And on a side note Defensemen Robyn Regehr will not miss anytime for his crosscheck to Derek Dorsett of the Jackets and Andre Roy will also not do anytime for his throat slashing gesture that was caught on TV. Note the Early game start tonight 6:00pm Mountain this is probably do to TSN having no other Canadian teams to show this game is followed by the Canucks vs. Predators (Who are in town Friday night).

Go Flames Go

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ways to fix what is becoming a joke

I was watching the AHL Skills Competition today and I found it much more exciting and the fans we're into it.
The NHL Should do everything that AHL does....

1. Bring back the Puck Control Relay
2. Fastest Skater (NHL Does)
3. Goalie Rapid Fire (Goalie stops consecutive shots by going side to side in the crease)
4. Hardest Shot (NHL Does)
5. Accuracy Shooting (NHL Does)
6. 3 on 0 Pass and Shoot (Each player has to touch the puck at least once and then shoot on the goalie)
7. Breakaway Relay (NHL Does kinda) Get rid of the NBA Slam Dunk contest moniker it's not going to work, and just have them do a normal shootout and try to score and if the players want to do something crazy to try score let them do it.

It was much more fun to watch and i'm sure the fans would love it to also listening to Pierre McGuire last night on Sportscenter he was talking about what if the NHL brought the CHL Top Prospects game to the All Star game and have it being played on the Friday night it would be a meaningful game and what better place to show it off then in an NHL rink where the fans can see the next crop of talent.

SuperCrappy Skills Competition

Well last nights skills comp was a disaster, listening to Pierre McGuire on sportscentre after the event he said the Bell Centre was the quietest he's ever heard it and the opening band was horrible I don't even know who they we're probably some local Montreal band.
As for the skills part it self was hit and miss first off the clock for the fastest skater was malfunctioning the winner ended up being Andrew Cogliano of the Oilers, next came the Breakaway Trick Shot event with an unknown Junior B goalie from the Montreal Arean in net the guy was paid 1000 Bucks I guess to stand there and let the pucks in but he stopped most of them, Ryan Getzlaf was my favorite of the competition even though he didn't win he was the best, Ovie put on a ridiculous outfit consisting of a Hat with a Canadian flag attach to it, Sunglasses and 2 sticks this obviously made him garner the most votes through text messaging what surprised me was that Alex Kovalev didn't win seeing that everyone at the Bell Centre who had cellphones would have voted for him.
After a little break came the Youngstars game which was like watching 10 year olds with a lot more skill play the game had no emotion, no speed and what was Carey Price even in net for ''OH I DON'T WANT TO GET HURT SO I CAN HELP MY TEAM OUT FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR'' it was pointless, the latter part of the events we're pretty fun except for Accuracy Shooting it was won by Evgeni Malkin when he clearly didn't hit 4 out of 4 targets that was a setup totally, Hardest Shot was sweet 24,000 dollars would be donated to the Winners choice charity Defending Champion and still champion Zdeno Chara donated the money to Right to Play.
Then came the best event of them all Elimination Shootout which had all 36 skaters compete it came down to the Final 3 of Shane Doan, Milan Hejduk and Marc Savard.... Savard and Tim Thomas went up against each other and Thomas let in a softy much to the digress of the Habs faithful Shane Doan eventually won the shootout.
Overall I'd rate this event 5 out of 10 the Kids liked it but the hardcore hockey fans probably hated it, somethings that could be worked on to improve the the skills comp would be.

1. Instead of having an actual goalie for the Trick Shot the should either do a block in front and the player has to maneuver around it or just use no goalie
2. Have the top prospects game during on the Saturday a meaning full game and what better place to show it off then in an NHL rink where the fans can see the next crop of Talent
3. After the pros see how what a show the prospects put up then they might want to up more of an effort

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Patrick's Bold All Star Game Predictions

First off I'd like to say... I'm actually looking forward to this years contest especially what the Skills Competition will bring all we know is the 4 Players that will compete in the Breakaway Challenge.... the one and only Alex the Great (Ovechkin), Ryan Getzlaf, Patrick Kane and the Habs own Alex Kovalev and from what I've seen on Sportscentre that none will disappoint well on it the Game it's self.... the Total is set at 16 1/2 I would personally take the over the West seems to be the favourite heading in and I would have to agree and I have no clue if Sid will play.
After all is said and done my score is West 9 East 7 and the MVP goes to the Calgary Flames own Jarome Iginla after he scores 2 Goals including the game winner and adding an Assist TAKE THAT OVE AND SID!!!!!!!!!!!.

East Reserves
Eastern Conference Starters
F Evgeni Malkin, Pittsburgh Penguins
F Sidney Crosby????, Pittsburgh Penguins
F Alex Kovalev, Montreal Canadiens
D Andrei Markov, Montreal Canadiens
D Mike Komisarek, Montreal Canadiens
G Carey Price, Montreal Canadiens

West Reserves
Western Conference Starters
F Ryan Getzlaf, Anaheim Ducks
F Patrick Kane, Chicago Blackhawks
F Jonathon Toews, Chicago Blackhawks
D Brian Campbell, Chicago Blackhawks
D Scott Niedermayer, Anaheim Ducks
G Jean-Sebastian Giguere, Anaheim Ducks

Friday, January 23, 2009

The 57th NHL All Star Game

This years mid winter classic if that's what you want it to be called will be played in Montreal all part of the Canadiens 100th Anniversary and there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the game this year to began the issue of ballet stuffing on the Eastern Conference side having 4 Habs in the starting lineup to me the lineup is just an honor your out there for 45 seconds to a minute and the 2nd line comes on and it's not set in stone that the lines might be broken up and same with the goalies 20 minutes and you give way to the next goalie.
Everything is good.......... Not, what really makes me angry is the snubs for the reserves in both conferences below is a list of my top 5 players snubbed

Eastern Conference snubs
5. D Dennis Wideman, Boston Bruins, GP:46-G:9-A:22-Pts:31
I'm sure i'm not the only one who thinks the Plus/Minus should be stricken from the NHL Stat book but Widemen's is an amazing +26 he is ahead of Zdeno Chara in Points and can also be thanked for the recent resurgence of the Bruins.
4. LW Simon Gagne, Philadelphia Flyers, GP:43-G:19-A:26-Pts:45
This guy dealt with injuries through out most of the last season, came back this year is on pace for a career year and has the Flyers in a perfect spot to challenge in the much improved East.
3. C Mike Richards, Philadelphia Flyers, GP:46-G:16-A:30-Pts:46
Mike should be in Montreal this weekend with his teammate Jeff Carter, captain of in my mind the best team in the Eastern Conference on pace for 82 points and probably a bet to be on team canada come in Vancouver in a little more than a year.
2. C David Krejci, Boston Bruins, GP:46-G:17-A:35-Pts:52
This guy was in the AHL most of last season he was told to bring his work effort to NHL Standards came back in the fall and he exceeded is expectations on pace for a 90 Point season and is quickly becoming the next big NHL star.
1. LW Patrik Elias, New Jersey Devils, GP:47-G:20-A:34-Pts:54
Top 10 in scoring, came back after a bout with Hepatitis A , and is leading a Devils team who was thought to be dead in the water after future hall of famer Martin Brodeur went down with an injury the Devils are another team that shouldn't be overlooked in the East.

Western Conference Snubs
5. D Dion Phaneuf, Calgary Flames, GP:46-G:4-A:26-Pts:30
Not a Dion type year but the guy is trying to work more on his Defensive part of his game and is on pace for a solid season even if the goals are lacking.
4. LW Daniel Sedin, Vancouver Canucks, GP:48-G:22-A:26-Pts:48
Playing a consistent brand of hockey surely deserves this twin a nod in the game over Dustin Brown?
3. G Evgeni Nabokov, San Jose Sharks, GP:34-W:25-GAA:4.92-SV%:0.907
Nabby should have won the Vezina last year, even though he doesn't start every game but the guy is literally a wall and has the Sharks being the front runner for Lord Stanley.
2. G Miikka Kiprusoff, Calgary Flames, GP:43-W:28-GAA:2.82-SV%:0.903
On pace to set the single season wins record, playing a lot more consistant then past season have the Flames thinking We Want the Cup again so freaking what if he plays every game it takes talent to play goalie in the NHL and the only thing that matters in the end is winning.
1. RW Marian Hossa, Detroit Red Wings, GP:46-G:22-A:24-Pts:46
Now that Lidstrom and Datsyuk won't be in the Game makes it more logical to have at least one player from the defending Cup champions on the roster well Hossa is having great season so far not his best but still worthy of an All Star berth.

Tomorrow I will have my All Star Game predictions